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Safety Driving System

Base on the display of video camera,One-S has combined 8 safety functions which are very useful during normal driving situation. Each function(Including FCW,BSD,TPMS,PAS,PSA,AQM,Seat belt Alarm System,DVR) has been indegrated with well modularization. One-S can upgrade your Car's safety level roundly

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS)

it is mainly used to monitor tire pressure in real when the car is running to safeguard drivers by alarming when air leakage and low pressure are detected .

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Parking Assistance System(PAS)

It uses ultrasonic sensors installed in the rear bumper to send driver data of distance and obstacles behind the car when reversing the car and parking.

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Car Alarm System

It is an anti-theft device with audible and light alarming function. It functions by locking ignition or start. Functions like vibration detection, door control and microwave or infrared detection also can be achieved by remote control.

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Motorcycle Alarm System

It is an anti-theft device with audible and light alarming function. It functions by locking ignition or start . Other functions like vibrating Alarm, Keyless start also can be ahieved by remote control.

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Automatic inflator

Designed to be needle-shaped cylinder with cigarette lighter working as stable power supply, it can continue to work for 30 minutes; it can stop inflating automatically based on the data setup early. It is designed with LED light, portable and easy to handle.

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3-IN-1 Magic Blocks

Designed with multi-functional modular blocks: TPMS Block displays simultaneously the pressure & temp. For 4 tires and issue human sound alarming; Dual USB interface, detecting battery voltage and air in car.

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Centrol Lock

high-performance motor, long lifetime battery, lubricated and durable, strong pull and push force, effective anti-locking; 360 degree rotation of connecting rod, easy installation, moisture proof, water proof, dust proof.

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Mobilephone Holder

Installed on the outlet of air conditioner or on the dash board, it is designed with ultra-large sucker plate and strong holder so that phones will not shake or fall from the holder. It can be rotated at 360 degree and used in various cars.

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